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Krave U™ is the registered trademark of one man's quest  to have fun making music mayhem. Music like any art medium is classified and sorted; labeled, and sold for cochlea digestion.

Challenja™-Drum and Bass




Waveform Sinnerz™-Dirty Electro

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Krave U Vol 1

Krave U

In the art of giving to the universe from which we were all made....this is Volume 1 of my Triple album drop release. 100% FREE to download as a Hi-Fi 48K 24 Bit wave file for all you producers and DJ's out there who want to play these tunes out live.

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    ASC-T 1:06
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    CRUSH 5:03
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Krave U Vol 3

Krave U

This is the Third Volume of my triple album drop release. 100% FREE to download as a Hi-Fi 48K 24 Bit wave file for all you producers and DJ's out there who want to play these tunes out live.

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free album mixtapes-320 mp3

Krave U Vol 4 Mixtape

Krave U

All the music from from Krave U Vol 4 with little fun segues between tracks that give you a window into my life. Uploaded during the Spring Equinox

Quality headphones recommended for greatest effect.

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Metal and Hardcore Albums to enjoy


 Aborted- Goremaggedon-The saw and the carnage done, Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture

As Blood Runs Black- Allegiance

As I Lay Dying-Awakened, The Powerless Ride

At the Gates- Slaughter of the Soul

Behemoth-Demigod, Evangelion

Betrayal- Abandonment

Blind Witness- Nightmare on Providence Street

Bloodbath-Nightmares Made Flesh

Born From Pain- Reclaiming the Crown, War, Sands of Time

Darkane-Expanding Senses, Layers of Lies

Dark Tranquility- Damage Done

Devil Driver- The Fury of the Makers Hand, The Last Kind Words

Diabolical Masquerade- Death's Design


Emmure- Felony, Slave to the Game, Speaker of the Dead

Face Down-Will to Power*  - ( I think this is a perfect evil album; one of my absolute favorites for lifting in the gym)

Hatebreed- Rise of Brutality

Hypocrisy- The Arrival

In Flames- Whoracle,  Colony

Jesus Piece- Only Self

Killswitch Engage- The End of Heartache


Kublai Khan TX- New Strength, Absolute

Lamb of God- Killadelphia,  As the Palaces Burn, Ashes of the Wake, Sacrament,  Wrath, Resolution, VII-Sturm and Drang, Lamb of God

Nails- You will never be one of us


Opeth- My Arms, Your Hearse

Pantera- Vulgar Display of Power, Far Beyond Driven, Great Southern Trend Kill

Rings of Saturn- Ultu Ulla

Septic Flesh-Communion  

Slipknot- Iowa, Vol 3

Slayer- Reign in Blood

Soilwork-Natural Born Chaos

Suicide Silence- The Cleansing

Sworn Enemy- As Real as it Gets

Terror- Always the Hard Way

The Acacia Strain- The Dead Walk , Continent

The Crown-Crowned in Terror

The Ghost Inside- Returners, Dear Youth

The Haunted- Revolver, The Dead Eye

 Thy Art is Murder- Hate, Holy War

 Trapped Under Ice- Big Kiss Goodnight













There is no greater energetic music experience than being in a heavy metal mosh pit.” - Jimmy $howtime

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Cerebral Diamonds

Strength and weakness are in the eyes of the beholder.

Fame is a disease bathed in pride.

One should not seek validation if one is secure in oneself. For validation is only a token to an empty shell.

Temptation is like a rip current, hidden beneath the serene waters of my life. Always pulling me further underneath the surface of my dreams.

Your dreams are shared by you, and god.

Beyond the shallow, lies true depth.

Ignorance is not bliss, but a form of intellectual suicide.

What good is complacency to a man of vision?

Time penalizes those who drown in their past sorrows.

Without action, words are just empty vessels of intention.

What was once impossible, becomes probable with the advance of will.

Dare to run your fingers through the flame of desire.

What is left in a man, if he has forgotten to be virtuous?

Through the use of words nobility may be assumed; but through its proper actions nobility, is sustained, and bred.

All men fall. It is but time and method that differ.

Lust distorts the heart of righteous men who seek solace in the spiritual.

The presence of artistic talent lies in the heart of a wounded soul.

Obsessed is a word used by the lazy to deter the truly dedicated.

Beware grandiosity, for it is a virus that spreads readily.

Psychologists are the emotional garbage men of the world.

Your reality is derived and shaped by your ego.

 Everyone deserves a second chance to mend the ties that bind.

Alcoholism is a socially acceptable form of self mutilation.

Salvation begins with one step in the right direction.

Philosophy is the wondrous art of bullshit.